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After Hurricane Irma swept through the state, the Layze Systems team went down to the Florida keys to meet with general contractors and assist in the rebuilding efforts. Amidst all the rubble and debris we were able to come across one bright spot. Though much is made here at Layze Systems about our N.O.A. (notice of acceptance) certification from Miami-Dade County, few people understand the value of such a certification. This value held true as we revisited one of our projects installed in the Florida Keys back in early 2016. The Keys were one of the areas that were hit the hardest by Hurricane Irma with winds exceeding 105 mph.

To our pleasant surprise we found that while almost every other commercial and residential awning on the island chain was completely devastated, our Layze Systems awning installed more than a year earlier, held strong and stayed completely intact without need for repairs or service.

Many would ask what made the difference with our systems ? While almost all other awnings on the market feature something known as one time approvals from the city for installation, which abide by more flexible requirements and is an easier certification to obtain, our awning systems are Miami-Dade notice of acceptance certified. The problem is with one time approvals is that their flexibility allows contractors wiggle room to offer a cheaper product that does not adhere to any code or standard all while sacrificing safety and quality. These other awnings on the market cut costs by not subjecting their products to the rigorous testing, and structural analysis required to receive a Miami-Dade county certification.

Thus validating our belief in the importance of designing a hurricane proof awning system that can withstand the elements and provide long term value for our customers. As well as peace of mind in knowing that the product they have invested in is guaranteed to comply with the strictest building code in the United States and formidable enough to be installed in High Velocity Hurricane Zones (HVHZ).

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