• Layze Systems is introducing an entirely new modular umbrella that is transforming the outdoor shade industry with its next-generation rig system.
  • Each fabric panel is independent and slides in the ribs as all our awnings. It allows you to change or replace the panel any time you need. With its array of modular functions and the patent-pending ” touch-up” system, Layze Umbrellas stand in a class of its own.


  • Stretching individual panels offers better tension distribution and prevent ripping at the rib-end
  • Individual panels can be easily customized to fit any aesthetic needs, using different colors, textures, materials.
  • If damage occurs, individual panels can be removed and replaced without having to replace the whole canvas.
  • This modular umbrella can be easily assembled for immediate use or quickly dismantle-for and effective storage or portability

The patent pending “touch-up” system was designed with the consumer in mind. With a simple gesture of one finger, you can raise or lower your SOLlite umbrella at your will. The modular functionality of the SOLlite umbrella is so versatile, that change in fabric color can be made without any professional assistance. All that is needed is a new set of fabric or a combination of them and you can change the color of your SOLlite umbrella to fit your mood. That’s not all, the SOLlite umbrella can be modified from a Square (Rectangular, 4 panels span) model to Omni (Round, 8 panels span) model in just a few minutes with the right tools and the corresponding fabric.

All the advantages of the Center Post umbrella in another configuration with a cantilever structure. Strong structure that can resist high velocity winds.

We at Layze Systems love design and we also love to solve any problem that design can solve. Using our expertise and our architectural components we can meet your expectations with a smart customized solution.

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