Marine-grade Railing System Hurricane Certified 

Layze System’s Modular Railings are the only fence in the market with Marine-Grade durability. Specially manufactured for ocean front property as all our awnings and cabanas. With a N.O.A certification, It is made of structural aluminum frame with components like glass, aluminum deco panel or stainless steel cables according with the collection you desire.

Layze Systems most popular railing  is the picket railing. This railing has a N.O.A. Certification from Miami Dade County, certified to resist hurricanes up to 105 MPH. As all Layze Systems products, the railings are modular which allow easy transportation and easy installation.

Lounge is a modular railing system with 9/16” templated and laminated glass panel. Its elegance creates an atmosphere of luxury while providing ample support and durability. All railing systems come with optional top rail and grab rail configurations allowing more flexibility in design.

Using the same frame than Classical Railings this  railing in structural resistant and incredible elegant at the same time. The Sonnet modular railing system is an exquisite cable railing system, designed to provide maximum support and durability while offering a contemporary minimalist look. This railing system is designed to accommodate both interior and exterior settings, such as hotel pool areas, residential balconies, restaurant patios, and more.

The same frame than Classical Railings with a decorative panel, made this railing a state of art. Deco Panel modular railing is an exquisite and elegant option to definitely improve the space.

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