Marine-grade Pergola System Hurricane Resistant

Expand your outdoor-living area and enjoy the shade and shelter of Layze Systems modular canopy assemblies. Designed to offer a wide array of customization options to fit both residential and commercial settings, and built with marine-grade aluminum to perform in harsh weather with the strength and versatility that rivals most other terrace products of its kind.

This pergola has a Notice of Acceptance (N.O.A.) from Miami-Dade County. The NOA Certified this product to resist hurricanes. Transform your outdoor space into a modern living room where you can enjoy the fresh breeze and stay sheltered from the elements by day, night and all year round. This patented and incredibly versatile terrace system can be built to suit the unique conditions of your home or business, and offers limitless ways to personalize your comfort, with optional enclosure panels, perimeter railings, illumination and more

This is a beautiful balance free-standing canopy with a slope (shed style) roof, that is ideal for outdoor spaces where a canopy cannot be mounted directly onto a building structure. This modular pergola creates an inviting shade enclosure that can be easily adjusted to fit any occasion and setting.

Expand the patio of your restaurant, hotel entrance or your home’s backyard with the incredibly versatile free-standing terrace canopy Pavilia. This contemporary rendition of a traditional gable roof structure will transform any outdoor area into the perfect space for large outdoor events, family gatherings and parties.

Using the same structure of the NOA Pergola, Layze Systems introduce a traditional trellis with a heavy-duty and marine grade quality that ensures stability, weather resilience and a unique contemporary look you can enjoy for years to come.

This light version of the Luxur Pergola is very easy to install. Designed to easily assemble and remove the panels in case of hurricanes. The same quality material at the better price makes this awning the best option for shade and rain protection.

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