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We are proud to announce that Layze Systems has now been featured on the Alliance for American Manufacturing directory for products that are 100% American made. The Alliance for American Manufacturing has long been a spotlight to showcase Companies committed to making quality products in the United States. As a featured business on Alliance for American Manufacturers directory we are proud to stand side by side with other business that are dedicated to keeping jobs in the U.S. while manufacturing high quality products domestically.

The importance of purchasing American Made steel and aluminum products cannot be understated due to the discrepancy in quality from overseas manufacturers looking to cut cost by any means necessary to undersell American Manufacturers. This flood of foreign imports has led to dozens of plant closures and tens of thousands of layoffs with an entire U.S. industry now in danger of disappearing. When considering the numbers, the facts are astonishing. More than 5.1 million U.S. factory jobs have been lost to outsourcing since 2000(source: AAM)

Furthermore the steel and aluminum industries are so influential to other sectors of the economy that there are 7 jobs created in other trades for every 1 direct job in the steel and aluminum industry(source:AAM). This influx not only puts our manufacturing jobs at risk but is also dangerous to our national security. Our military needs high quality steel and aluminum to make everything from body armor and armored trucks to fighter jets and aircraft carriers. High quality steel and aluminum are also needed here in the states to revamp our aging infrastructure while serving as key components to things like bridges, rail systems, electrical grids and energy frameworks. Here at Layze Systems we are dedicated to putting quality and country first to provide jobs in the United States and supply first class products that will last you a lifetime, as well as help you contribute to the fight to save American steel and aluminum.

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