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Like any good story, this one begins with a large problem to which there seemed to be a lack of solutions. Our clients came to us seeking to find a solution to an all too familiar obstacle for Miami Beach real estate. The challenge was to find a way to produce a shade structure that would allow residents ample room enjoy the pool deck while providing a large area of protection from the sun and rain, that would also stand up to the strong winds- being less than a mile from the beach- and could be installed without being fixed or embedded into the ground to avoid penetrating the roofs’ waterproof membrane.

Not to mention being atop a 4 story building which presents structural issues because of the increased the wind loads. Enter Layze Systems series 300 10’x10’ Umbrella system. Together with our team of engineers and designers we were able to come up with a stunning furniture solution that included 2 conjoined love seats, anchored in the middle by our series 300 Umbrella that provided the perfect combination of shade and comfort.

All the while being durable enough to hold up to extensive use in a public space. But in fact so incredibly stable that even when inadvertently left out during hurricane Irma, all six umbrella systems remained unblemished with only a few loose screws and minimal tears to the fabric which were all able to be serviced and repaired in a single day at no cost to the customers. We truly stand by our warranty and fulfill our guarantees promptly and completely free.

Our customers were thrilled to learn that their investment would not only stand the test of time but nature as well. Here at Layze Systems no project is too ambitious or difficult for products designed and engineered in accordance with the toughest building in the United States; Miami-Dade County High Velocity Hurricane Zones (HVHZ).

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